Remote Control Vibrating Panties: Orgasms on the Go

Vibrating Panty By Esin
Vibrating Panty By Esin: Ain’t nobody’s business

“Getting into your pants” used to be a fairly straightforward euphemism. That might not be the case for much longer due to the emergence of remote control vibrating panties. While maybe not a full-fledged craze at this point, these naughty underpants are creating a definite buzz in certain pop culture sectors.

Most vibrator panties are simply panties with a front pocket for a small bullet vibe. The vibrator can be controlled via a wireless remote in the hands of you or a (trustworthy) friend. There are a lot of different styles and sizes offered online, including plus size panties and vibes with different speeds and functions.

What’s the appeal here? Besides the novelty factor, there seem to be three main advantages:

  1. They leave your hands free to roam other parts of your body – or your partner’s
  2. They give your partner the ability to “control” you from across the room – a very kinky and appealing feature for the 50 Shades of Grey crowd
  3. You can actually wear them in public, provided you’re someplace noisy enough to drown out the buzzing sound

The last point is so rich with possibility that Hollywood turned it into this humorous scene featuring Katherine Heigl:

Yeah, that could totally not happen. Still, it’s a good illustration of the dangers of letting your remote fall into the wrong hands.

Finding the best vibrating panties for you can be a challenge because there are two equally important components. You’re looking for panties that are comfortable and nice-looking and a sex toy that’s pleasurable and functional. Given the difficult balancing act, it’s not surprising that a lot of the different offerings have mixed customer reviews. The most common complaint is that the vibe part doesn’t stay “on target” all the time. Like all clothes, you gotta have the right fit.

With all the interest in these panties, you can bet that they’ll be improved and perfected in the coming years. The real question is, what will the sex toy industry do next? Internet controlled vibrators? Oh, yeah – they’ve already done that. advertisement