10 Freaky Fun Hitachi Magic Wand Attachments

Hitachi Magic Wand
“Hitachi make such a good vibrator, I think I’ll buy one of their TVs.”
-Roseanne Barr

The Hitachi Magic Wand Massager has been delivering good vibrations to both women and men since the 70s. Unlike a lot of battery operated sex toys that masquerade as something more innocent, the Hitachi really is designed to be a muscle massager – and by all accounts, it’s a damn good one. But however effective it might be in rubbing out aches and pains, its biggest fans are – and probably always have been – those who use it for naughty purposes.

For a lot of people – especially those with nosy children around – it’s nice to have a sex toy that’s not quite so obvious. It’s also a less intimidating option for vibe newbies. However, to get the full sensual potential out of the Hitachi Massager, you need attachments.

Fortunately, there are plenty of Hitachi Magic Wand attachments you can buy that offer everything from vaginal and anal penetration, to enhanced clitoral and penis stimulation. Here are some of the best out there, in no particular order (we’ll let you decide what’s right for your needs).

Hitachi Magic Wand Curved and Straight Attachment Combo

Most Hitachi massager attachments are made by third party companies, many of which specialize in sex toys. However, Hitachi does make these two attachments, which are included with some wands but can also be purchased separately. The straight one offers the same sort of sensations as a standard vibe, while the curved option is ideal for hitting the G-Spot.

You can find better traditional and G-Spot vibrators for sale, but not in one combo pack that works with your Hitachi wand.

Trinity Vibes Rabbit Vibrator

The rabbit vibrator is one of the most popular sex toys on the planet. For a few measly bucks, you can transform your Hitachi wand into a (very powerful) dual-action toy offering simultaneous vaginal penetration and clitoral stimulation.

On the downside, the vaginal and clitoral arms of this toy do not move independently, which is a nice feature of many top-notch rabbit vibes.

Trinity Vibes Hummingbird Wand Essentials Masturbator Attachment

The plain old (un-attached, you might say) Hitachi is a treat for both women and men, but this little accessory is strictly for the latter. The tube goes around the penis, providing mind-blowing vibrations to one very lucky guy.

Naturally, some men will find that the ring fits well, while others may find it uncomfortable. To make sure things run as smoothly as possible, it’s a good idea to have some lubricant on hand.

California Exotics Miracle Massager Accessory

If you’ve got a G-Spot, you’d be wise to use it. Not every woman can get off by stimulating this spot on the front wall of the vagina, but for those who can, the experience is often amazing. This curved attachment from California Exotics is good for reaching the G-Spot while also stimulating the clitoris.

Vibratex G-Spotter Attachment

This G-Spot attachment may not be the most stylish sex toy around, but it does the job it was made for. Don’t believe us? Check out the customer reviews.

Trinity Vibes G-Spot Attachment

There are so many good G-Spot attachments for the Hitachi that we felt the need to list three of them. This one from Trinity Vibes might just be the most popular of the lot. It features an enlarged head and and dimpled base to tickle the clit while you’re hitting the G.

Wand Essentials Flutter Wand Massager Attachment

Fans of oral sex will appreciate this attachment, which simulates an overactive tongue. Some may find the fluttering wing too intense. For others, it’s just the ticket.

Univen Tri-Gasm Attachment

It might look a little scary, but if you can get over your initial trepidation, this double penetration attachment might just become your best friend. It’s not for everyone, of course. But for the experienced or the merely curious, it’s surely worth a try at such a low price.

Wand Essentials P-spot Attachment for Men

The prostate is known as the male G-Spot, or P-Spot – and as many men both gay and straight can attest, massaging it can produce otherworldly sexual experiences. This attachment is designed to do just that, and makes a great addition to both solo and couples play.

Hitachi Magic Wand with Triple Pleaser Attachment

Not all Hitachi Magic Wand Massager attachments are sold separately. The Hitachi is often sold with bonus attachments like this Triple Pleaser. Like the Univen attachment, it works the vagina, clitoris, and anus at the same time for comprehensively pleasurable experience.

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